I want to learn ancient languages- latin, sanskrit, arabic. I want to quote forgotten authors, stumble upon old,dusty books in tumbledown libraries. Pounce upon rare mythologies, scramble through folk tales. I want to travel hidden places. Vintage towns, which have ceased to exist on the map. Go on a spontaneous trek. Walk stoney paths, which … Continue reading Bucket-list

You’re just as sane as I am

Poetry is lies, These words, a waste of time, Scribbling my sadness down, While I outwardly say “I’m fine”. I go out with my friends, With that plastered, fake smile, Even my laugh seems hollow, And I feel a little dead, inside. The clock strikes 3, And I’m up, doing god knows what, My eyes … Continue reading You’re just as sane as I am

When the vacation gets too long

Self-doubt has amplified itself it seems, Or maybe this long vacation has sucked the life out of me, Even my writing’s gotten sloppier, And I don’t just mean my words. I laze around all day, I hardly move a muscle, My eyes strain from the constant screen exposure, I kinda miss the hustle. “This is … Continue reading When the vacation gets too long